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Why You May Need an Arm Lift, Not Exercise, to Give You Those Dream ArmsOver time, gravity takes a toll on many areas of the body, and one such area is the underside of the upper arm. Especially in patients who have experienced weight fluctuations and are seeing the effects of aging, the tissue on the underside of the arm may become loose and sagging. While it is quite common, this can cause patients to feel very self-conscious and to avoid wearing comfortable clothing. For those patients, an arm lift (or brachioplasty) may be able to improve their appearance.

The arm lift procedure depends on the type of tissue that will be removed—excess fat, skin tissue, or both. In patients for whom the looseness of the under arm is caused by excess fat, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Franklyn Elliott will perform liposuction to remove the unwanted fat. If excess skin is the cause of the patient’s sagging tissue, Dr. Elliott will remove the unwanted skin and tighten the remaining skin. This can be done in two ways depending on the amount of excess skin. For a lesser degree of excess skin and in a patient who wants to limit the scarring on the upper arm, an incision can be made in the armpit alone. This will produce a less significant effect than the longer incision down the inner arm, but in patients with mild to moderate excess in the upper arm, it can be very successful. In patients with more excess skin and fat, however, an incision down the inner arm is needed in order to achieve the best results. For many patients, both liposuction and skin removal are necessary to achieve the desired result, and both procedures are typically performed in the same surgery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I a good candidate for arm lift surgery?
Arm lift surgery patients should have overall good health, including a healthy weight, other than dissatisfaction with the firmness of the underside of their arms. They should also be at a stable weight, as future weight fluctuations can negatively affect the surgical results.

What can I expect in terms of recovery after my arm lift?
Arm lift recovery varies by patient depending on the patient’s health, age, and risk factors, as well as the procedure itself (i.e., whether it will involve only liposuction, only skin removal, or both). Dr. Franklyn Elliott will discuss these factors and your expectations during your consultation with him.

I have unwanted excess skin elsewhere too; can I combine an arm lift with other procedures?
Because lax arm skin is typically caused by dramatic weight loss and/or aging, both of which often cause similar cosmetic problems in other areas of the body, it is quite common for an arm lift to be performed in conjunction with other surgeries like a tummy tuck or a breast lift.

What results can I expect from my arm lift surgery?
Brachioplasty results vary on a case-by-case basis, depending on the patient’s cosmetic results and the specifics of his/her procedure. To get an idea of the typical results after an arm lift, visit our photo gallery for before and after photos.

Arm Lift

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