Rhinoplasty: More than Simply Cosmetic

Rhinoplasty is a surgery that is desired for various reasons. For example, the structure of the nose has always been a personal peeve or caused breathing issues for the patient considering rhinoplasty. Board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Franklyn Elliott performs rhinoplasty to help patients who feel their nose isn’t proportional to other facial features or those who have trouble breathing due to a deviated septum or other issues.facial plastic surgery atlanta

During cosmetic rhinoplasty, informally known as nose surgery, incisions are made through the nostrils. Skin is then lifted to allow Dr. Elliott to sculpt the desired nasal shape and size for the patient. After structural changes are made, often using cartilage from the septum, the skin is placed back on the new nasal framework. To see rhinoplasty before and after photos of Dr. Elliott’s patients who, please visit our website. Additionally, rhinoplasty–for both health reasons to correct the aforementioned issues or to address cosmetic concerns–is among the most common plastic surgery procedures for men. In 2012, ASPS reported that rhinoplasty was the most popular procedure for people under 30 overall. It is common for patients to combine both cosmetic and functional changes in a single operative session by conjoining rhinoplasty with one of the following health-related surgeries:

Septoplasty surgery corrects a deviated septum, in turn improving nasal function and air passage into the nasal airway. Turbinectomy surgery removes breathing obstructions caused by part of the nasal structure and alar valve cartilage grafts which corrects an internal and/or external nasal valve collapse.

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