Chin Surgery

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Whether we consciously realize it or not, a large part of whether we consider a face to be aesthetically pleasing is whether the features are well-proportioned with each other. For patients who are unhappy with the size or shape of their chin, this disproportion can affect the aesthetics of the entire face. Whether through chin augmentation or chin reduction, board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Franklyn Elliott can achieve a more desirable facial balance.

Depending on the details of the particular patient, a chin augmentation procedure begins with an incision either inside the mouth in the lower lip, or in the skin just under the chin. Dr. Elliott will create a pocket and carefully place the appropriate implant. The implant is made from synthetic materials that are compatible with human tissue, and comes in a variety of sizes and shapes so that your chin is tailored to your desired results.

During chin reduction surgery, the incision can be located either inside the mouth or externally, under the chin. Once Dr. Elliott has gained access to the chin structure, he can sculpt the bone and tissue in order to reduce the size and produce the desired shape.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can chin surgery be combined with other plastic surgeries?
Chin surgery is often combined with other facial plastic surgeries, with the aim of creating an overall improved balance and proportion of the facial procedures. A neck lift along with chin surgery can provide a more youthful profile. Because the size and shape of the nose and chin can so easily affect how prominent the other feature appears, rhinoplasty often accompanies chin surgery in order to create a more pleasing balance.

Am I a good candidate for chin surgery?
Besides being in overall good health, chin surgery patients should also have reached physical maturity in the head and skull. Patients who receive the surgery while their facial structure is still maturing may experience changes to their chin surgery results as their face adjusts with age.

What can I expect from my chin surgery recovery?
Chin surgery patients are typically able to resume most of their normal activity approximately ten days after the procedure, although they may be restricted from rigorous activities for a few weeks. During the first few days after surgery, many patients should avoid chewing by adhering to a liquid and soft food diet. Many patients also experience a “tight, stretched” sensation in the chin area, which typically subsides after a week or so. Our skilled medical team will work with you closely after your procedure to offer guidance on caring for your surgical results.

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