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The eyes are often the first thing we see when looking at a person’s face, and for this reason, signs of aging around the eyes are one of the most common reasons patients seek cosmetic surgery.  Blepharoplasty, or surgery on the eyelids, can correct a number of issues that make the eyes appear older and tired, such as sagging skin above the eyes that leads to a “hooded” appearance, or puffy-looking bags under the eyes.

eyelid surgery in atlanta alpharetta gaBlepharoplasty on the upper eyelids, to correct excess tissue above the eye, utilizes an incision in the natural crease of the eyelid, so that the scar will be hidden in the natural folds of the eyelid. Depending on the patient and the cause of the excess tissue, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Franklyn Elliott may tighten the muscles in the area or remove fatty deposits, but for many patients, the procedure primarily involves the removal of excess skin.

Blepharoplasty on the lower eyelids typically focuses on the removal of fatty deposits beneath the eye that cause a tired, puffy appearance. For some patients, this involves an incision just below the lower lash line which becomes concealed in the natural folds of the eye, but whenever possible, Dr. Elliott uses a transconjunctival incision instead. This incision is made on the inside of the lower eyelid, to even further minimize the visibility of the scar.

Frequently Asked Questions

What causes bags under the eyes to develop?
Bags under the eyes are often caused by fatty deposits. While these fatty deposits are genetic, they tend to become more pronounced with age, because the aging process causes other areas of the face to lose volume and elasticity.

Am I a good candidate for blepharoplasty?
Candidates for blepharoplasty are adults in overall good health, especially those who do not suffer from serious eye conditions, and are unhappy with the appearance of their upper and/or lower eyelids. As with any cosmetic surgery, it is important to have realistic expectations for your blepharoplasty results.

What can I expect in terms of recovering from blepharoplasty?
While blepharoplasty patients are usually given general anesthesia, it is an outpatient procedure. Patients are typically able to perform most of their normal activities within a few days after surgery. They may experience bruising and swelling for about 1 week post-procedure, and can typically return to their usual exercise routine about two to three weeks after the surgery. Gently using cold compresses that are soft enough to conform to the eye can help recovery go more smoothly, and it is important to follow all post-procedure instructions that Dr. Elliott will review with you, including avoiding sun exposure by wearing dark sunglasses.

Can blepharoplasty be combined with other procedures?
Yes. Eyelid surgery can often be performed in conjunction with other facial rejuvenation procedures, such as a facelift or brow lift.


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