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As their patient for a few procedures (following a loss of 175 pounds from bariatric surgery), I can confirm that everyone on “Team Elliott” are simply the best! Suzanne, Michelle, Patti and Dr. Elliott all work together flawlessly to make their patients feel comfortable and like one of their friends, not just a patient. From the moment I met him, Dr. Elliott’s honest approach to what he felt he and his team could do for me, I was confident that I’d get the best care and results possible…and I DID! They ROCK! –M

Weight loss often requires a significant change in lifestyle and strong dedication to self-improvement, and it is a feat that should be celebrated and cherished. Unfortunately, many who have succeeded have been motivated by the idea of their dream figure, only to find that when they reach their goal weight, they are left with excess skin that prevents them from truly enjoying the body they’ve worked so hard for. In these situations, there are multiple post-weight loss procedures that can put the finishing touches on your accomplishment. Depending on your problem areas, board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Franklyn Elliott may recommend one or more of the following procedures.

Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)

A tummy tuck involves the removal of excess fat and skin from the lower abdominal area, as well as the tightening of the abdominal muscles, to create a more slender midsection. This is done through a small incision in the lower abdomen, where it would typically be hidden by a bathing suit or undergarment. For patients who have given birth with a C-section, the C-section scar can sometimes be used as the incision location in order to minimize scarring. For some patients with only small amounts of excess skin and tissue, they may benefit from a mini tummy tuck, which utilizes a smaller incision and may not include muscle tightening and/or liposuction, leading to a simpler recovery.

Arm Lift (Brachioplasty)

The underside of the upper arm is an area that is especially troublesome area for many people. Weight loss, age, and heredity can all contribute to giving the underside of the arms a sagging, loose appearance. Using an incision in either the inner arm, the outer arm, or the armpit area (depending on the amount and location of tissue that will be removed), Dr. Elliott will remove the excess skin and tissue and tighten the remaining skin for a slimmer and more contoured appearance.

Thigh Lift (Thighplasty)

One of the rewards that many who are working toward weight loss look forward to is the freedom to feel confident in shorts, rather than choosing between either being too warm in full-length pants or feeling unattractive. Unfortunately, skin elasticity in the thigh does not always live up to our expectations. For individuals who have achieved a healthy weight, a thigh lift can give them back their freedom to enjoy the summer months. Through an incision that is concealed in the natural folds of the leg, Dr. Elliott can remove the excess tissue as well as lift and firm the remaining skin to provide a more youthful and sculpted appearance.

For Women: Breast Lift (Mastoplexy)

Like any other part of the body, a woman’s breasts fluctuate in size with weight gain and weight loss, which can ultimately lead them to become too loose and to lay lower than desired. For women who are happy with the size of their breasts but simply would like the breasts to sit higher on the chest to restore a more youthful appearance, a breast lift may be able to achieve optimal results. Using incisions around the areola and/or extending toward the lower part of the breast if necessary, the breast tissue is reshaped and contoured as desired, and the nipple is raised to a more youthful height. This procedure can also be paired with a breast augmentation or breast reduction for patients who would like to adjust the breast size.

For Men: Male Breast Reduction

After significant weight loss, some men are left with excess skin in the breast area, which can lower their confidence and make them self-conscious about having a less masculine chest. A male breast reduction procedure (link to gynecomastia page) utilizes an incision around the areola and/or across the breast to remove excess skin and tissue and contour the remaining tissue into a more masculine shape.

It is important to note that while these procedures do create a more slender appearance, they should be used after the patient has reached a healthy weight to remove skin that is not elastic enough to conform to the body’s new shape, rather than during a weight loss journey as a substitute for healthy diet and exercise. When performed in a patient who is at a stable weight and continues to maintain their weight long-term, these body contouring procedures can put the finishing touches on your figure and reveal the results of your weight loss.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I undergo several of these procedures in one surgery?
While this is a case-by-case decision that must be made with your surgeon, combining multiple procedures into one post-weight loss surgery can minimize recovery time and costs, and can give you the physique you’ve worked for in one procedure, rather than spending a longer period of time going from one procedure to the next.

Am I a good candidate for post-weight loss surgery?
Post-weight loss surgery patients have already reached their healthy goal weight through bariatric surgery and/or through a lifestyle change involving healthy diet and exercise, and intend to maintain their current weight long-term. Good candidates should also have realistic expectations for their results and an understanding of the procedure and recovery.


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