Post Weight Loss Surgery

Post weight loss surgery can help people get back on track to a healthy lifestyle. Despite significant weight loss after bariatric surgery, patients are often left with excess skin and tissue. This unwanted skin can cause issues for patients such as finding proper fitting clothing and feelings of self-consciousness.

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Post bariatric body contouring can shape tissue for a smoother appearance while removing excess skin. Dr. Franklyn Elliott has over 25 years of experience performing cosmetic and reconstructive surgery and understands that each individual’s body is unique. He thoroughly examines and discusses goals with his weight loss patients to determine the best care plan for their needs to provide optimal results.

Dr. Elliott’s patients typically have post weight loss body contouring procedures to treat the lower abdomen and back, allowing scars to be easily hidden. Women who have lost a lot of weight may also consider a breast procedure including breast lift or a breast augmentation with a lift to raise the breasts to a more youthful, proportional position. During a breast lift, Dr. Elliott will remove excess skin and tighten the tissue to reshape breast to a more natural, lifted position.   Patients who would like more breast volume after extreme weight loss may opt for breast implants for breast augmentation. Dr. Elliott has a special interest in both cosmetic and reconstructive breast procedures and works with his patients to help determine what breast procedure will provide the best outcome for their distinct needs.

If you are interested in post-weight loss surgery or other body contouring procedures such as liposuction, please call our office to set-up a consultation. Be sure to connect with Dr. Elliott on Facebook, Twitter, and Google + for the latest cosmetic and reconstructive surgery news and information.