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Breast Augmentation Atlanta Alpharetta GA

Breast augmentation surgery performed by Dr. Franklyn Elliott at his Atlanta and Alpharetta, GA practice locations can increase the size and volume of an individual’s breasts.  Breast augmentation can also be used to restore breast fullness after post-bariatric surgery, drastic weight loss, or pregnancy as part of a total mommy makeover.  Many women whose breasts are tubular (misshapen due to the bottom of the breast being significantly shorter than the top) or asymmetrical can also achieve a more natural and attractive look with breast implants.

Silicone- or saline-filled implants can be inserted above or below the pectoral muscle during breast enhancement surgery. Silicone breast implants are composed of a flexible silicone outer shell with a silicone gel fill, while saline implants have a silicone outer shell filled with sterile saline solution. Breast implants come in various sizes, textures and shapes.  There are also options for incision location including under the arms, around the nipple, and under the crease of the breast. During a consultation, Dr. Elliott discusses breast implant options and surgical techniques with each patient to help them achieve their desired results.

Another option for breast augmentation is to utilize the patient’s own fat. This procedure, called fat transfer, uses liposuction to remove unwanted fat from another part of the body, such as the abdomen or thighs. The fat is then purified before being injected into the breasts. This surgery’s simplicity, as well as its use of the patient’s own tissue rather than the foreign material of breast implants, carries minimal risk of complications and provides a subtle, natural-looking breast augmentation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I good candidate for breast augmentation?

If you would like to increase breast fullness and volume, you may be a good candidate for breast augmentation surgery. Individuals may also benefit from breast enhancement if their breasts have decreased in size after child birth or extreme weight loss.

What breast implant options are available?

There are currently three, FDA-approved breast implants available: silicone, saline, and cohesive silicone gel-filled.  There are also several shapes, textures, and sizes available to be customized to your unique needs.

How long is recovery after breast enhancement?

Each patient’s case is unique and depends on many factors, however, most patients experience slight soreness and swelling for a few weeks following breast surgery. It’s important to discuss with a board-certified plastic surgeon before returning to your normal exercise routine.

Will breast augmentation help sagging breasts? 

Although breast implants can increase the chest volume they do not lift the breasts.  Breast lift surgery is better suited for patients looking to address sagging breasts.

Fat Transfer for Breast Enhancement

One of the newest and most innovative developments in breast surgery is the fat transfer procedure. By using fat from another part of the patient’s body to add fullness to the breasts, fat transfer can either be used alone as a method of breast augmentation, or as a part of breast reconstruction surgery. When used for breast augmentation, fat transfer offers a diminished risk of side effects, because it not only uses simpler, less invasive techniques, but it also utilizes the patient’s own tissue rather than introducing foreign material like breast implants. When used as part of a breast reconstruction procedure, fat transfer provides a smoother, more natural look for the patient.

The fat transfer procedure begins by using liposuction to remove unwanted fat from a chosen part of the patient’s body (most often the abdomen or thighs). The fat is purified before being injected into the patient’s breasts. This procedure essentially serves a double purpose for cosmetic improvement: providing a more slender contour to the body while also enhancing the breasts.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do the results of fat transfer breast augmentation compare to results with breast implants?

While breast implants can offer a more dramatic size increase than fat transfer can, fat transfer provides breast augmentation results that may be more natural than those typically seen with breast implants, making fat transfer an ideal procedure for patients who are seeking a subtle and natural-looking enhancement.

Can fat transfer and breast implants both be used in breast surgery?

For some patients, using a combination of both breast implants and fat transfer can produce optimal results. The techniques are often combined in the case of breast reconstruction, in which the patient requires the size increase that breast implants can achieve but also wants the smooth, natural finish that fat transfer can accomplish.

Am I a good candidate for fat transfer?

Fat transfer patients should be in overall good health, with a realistic goal for their surgical results. It is also important for patients to realize that this procedure should not be used to replace healthy diet and exercise. While fat transfer can remove small, stubborn areas of unwanted fat that has not responded to a healthy lifestyle, patients will experience the best results if they have reached a stable weight prior to the procedure.

I’ve heard doctors who aren’t plastic surgeons offering fat transfer breast augmentation using stem cells. What is this?

The simplicity of the fat transfer procedure minimizes the risks that come with plastic surgery, but unfortunately, this has led some doctors who aren’t adequately qualified to begin offering the procedure. Fat transfer is still plastic surgery, so you should only allow a board certified plastic surgeon, who has admitting privileges to a reputable hospital, to perform the procedure. In addition, take a second look at any provider who claims to use stem cells during the procedure. These “stem cells” (which are actually platelet rich plasma that is described to the patient as stem cells) have not yet been proven to enhance the procedure, and are typically offered as a way to impress the patient.

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