Cosmetic Procedures to Put the Finishing Touches on Your Post-Weight Loss Achievement

Often times there is seldom anything more gratifying than achieving a personal goal you set for yourself.  For many of my patients, achieving dramatic weight loss goals is quite a feat that should be celebrated but instead, it is put on hiatus due to excessive skin left over from significant weight drops.  As a board certified plastic surgeon with over 25 years of experience specializing in cosmetic breast and body procedures, helping my patients reach the pinnacle of their weight-loss journey is invaluable to me.

The biggest challenge after dramatic weight loss/gain is excess skin and tissue that can be difficult to manage with proper exercise and nutrition and can be embarrassing for a patient.  There are a number of procedures that are designed to eliminate any cause for concern, to create their desired sleek, toned silhouette.  Below are some of the most popular cosmetic plastic surgery treatments for men and women following weight loss:


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