A More Subtle Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer Injections

Breast augmentation is consistently the most popular of all cosmetic breast surgeries. This is in large part due to the ability patients have to customize their procedures. In addition to choosing the size, shape, and material of breast implant used during surgery, thanks to advancements in the plastic surgery field, patients now have the option to bypass breast implants altogether. Breast augmentation with fat transfer provides an alternative for women who seek a more subtle increase in breast size.

Fat removed during liposuction, a material referred to as “liquid gold” by some for its ability to provide impressive body contouring results for areas all over the face and body, is sadly often wasted after liposuction. Breast augmentation with fat transfer utilizes this fat to create a modest, natural-looking increase in breast size. Traditional breast augmentation with implants is still hugely popular and what I would typically recommend for breast augmentation patients. Of the fat that is injected into the breast during fat transfer, only about 60% survives and remains in the breast over time. So the patient must be prepared for some reduction in size from the original size immediately after their procedure. Still, some patients prefer a more subtle increase or not having to think about the need for implant replacements down the road. There is also the benefit of not worrying about the potential implant-related complications like capsular contracture (even though they very rarely occur).

Check out the video below, where I detail breast augmentation with fat transfer injections and explain the type of patients who may benefit most from this procedure option:

Every patient I see is unique. This is why I am happy to provide yet another potential option for women trying to rejuvenate their appearance with breast augmentation. After all, it’s part of my duty as a double board-certified plastic surgeon to do everything in my power to make sure each and every patient has the best cosmetic surgery experience possible. If you would like to discuss your options at-length and help determine the breast augmentation path that will help you achieve the results you desire, contact me, Dr. Franklyn Elliott to schedule your consultation today. Don’t forget to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ for more plastic surgery tips, news, photos, and more.