Why Men and Women Seek Breast Reduction Surgery

One of the most unique things about breast reduction surgery, relative to other cosmetic surgery procedures, is that it is exceedingly popular for both male and female patients. According to statistics collected by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), women underwent over 112,000 breast reduction surgeries last year alone in the US. Men in the US underwent 31,000 breast reduction procedures themselves. While this may seem like a large discrepancy, breast reduction was the 7th most popular cosmetic procedure among woman and 2nd most popular among men. So while it’s clear that both sexes are very interested in reducing their breast contours, the reasons for choosing this procedure can differ significantly depending on the patient’s gender.

For women, breast reduction can be a great way to achieve a more proportional silhouette. In recent years, I have noticed a developing trend of smaller breasts becoming more in-demand as a personal lifestyle choice. However, for many patients, breast reduction is more than just an aesthetic choice. There are a number of physical and emotional benefits that lead some women to breast reduction. Larger breasts can become an uncomfortable burden for some women. Since larger breasts are heavier, they can often lead to back and neck pain, as well as posture issues.

While it may not offer the same potential medical benefits, male breast reduction offers guys the chance to reduce their enlarged breasts. During male breast reduction, I surgically remove excess fat and glandular breast tissue to treat the root cause of gynecomastia. This procedure is designed to reduce the male breast and create a more masculine physique. In my experience, patients are often extremely satisfied with their male breast reduction results and experience a major boost in their self-confidence and body image.

Check out the video below where I describe the differences between breast reduction surgery for men and women:

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