3 Things to Know Before Breast Revision Surgery

In my experience, most patients are very satisfied with their results following a breast augmentation procedure, although there can be exceptions. Certain women may want to revise their initial breast augmentation results, whether this is due to changes like stretched skin that occur due to weight fluctuation or aging, complications with their implants like capsular contracture, or simply out of a desire for another change to their breast size. Regardless of why they seek their cosmetic alteration, these tweaks are possible thanks to breast revision surgery.

3 Things to Know Before Breast Revision Surgery

When performed by a skilled, board-certified plastic surgeon, breast revision can alter the results of a previous breast augmentation for women who aren’t happy with either the look and/or feel of their new breasts. Educating yourself about breast revision surgery and all your potential options is essential in order to make an informed decision about your procedure. That’s why I have provided some helpful things to know for any patient curious about breast revision and what results it can help them achieve.

You’ll Need Some Time Between Your Procedures

I instruct all my breast revision patients to wait at least one year after their breast augmentation before undergoing breast revision surgery. This time is necessary in order for the body to fully heal and for the final results of the augmentation to be seen. After all, there is no way to be sure that you’re not satisfied with your new breasts until you’ve seen their final form.

You Have Choices To Consider Before Your Breast Revision

Just like before your initial breast augmentation, you will need to make a number of choices before undergoing a breast revision. First, you’ll need to choose which type of new implants that you want (saline, silicone, etc.). Additionally, you’ll need to decide on the new breast size you prefer, as well as the placement of the implant, whether or not you also want or need a breast lift, and more.

There Could Be Additional Scarring

Whenever possible, I will use the same incision used during the patient’s previous breast augmentation to minimize any additional scarring. However, some patients may require a breast lift to address loose and saggy skin and/or muscle at the same time as their breast revision in order to get the best-possible results. In these cases, there may be additional scarring. However, these scars will fade with time and can be easily concealed by a bra or bathing suit

No patient should feel like she didn’t get the absolute best cosmetic surgery experience possible. Additionally, patients should have the option to change as her body does. Breast revision provides women with a second chance to achieve the look that they always wanted. For more information or to schedule your plastic surgery consultation today, please contact me, Dr. Franklyn Elliott. And don’t forget to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ to stay up-to-date on the latest cosmetic surgery news, photos, and more.