Can Breast Sagging be Prevented with Exercise?

I’m sure every woman would love to have perky, well-positioned breasts for their entire lives. Unfortunately, breast sagging is a natural (and often inevitable) part of life. As women age the connective tissue in their breasts (known as Cooper’s ligaments) that help the breasts keep their shape can become stretched. This may occur naturally as a result of simple gravitational pull, aging, smoking, or fluctuations in weight and certain hormones that occur during pregnancy. Over time, the breasts can gradually transition from having more breast tissue to having more fat, which can make them appear less perky and more deflated-looking.

Many female patients I speak with say they will do just about anything to delay or even potentially prevent sagging. Patients commonly ask if exercise can be used as a means of preventing breast sagging from occurring. Unfortunately, this is not the case. While it’s true that certain chest exercises can strengthen the breast muscles, sagging is caused by issues relating to the breast skin and tissue that exercise cannot help. Working out and trying to maintain a healthy figure is generally highly recommended, but for women who experience moderate-to-more severe breast sagging, cosmetic breast surgery may be required to achieve the aesthetic results you desire.

Whether this means a slight lifting effect that accompanies a breast augmentation procedure or undergoing a full breast lift, for years I have witnessed firsthand the outstanding lifting effects these procedures can have for women who experience breast sagging. Check out the video below where I discuss how cosmetic breast surgery can help address sagging breasts:

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