How Chin Surgery and Rhinoplasty Work Together

Plastic surgery is an important decision for anyone, because it requires a true commitment to your health and the results can be life-changing. That’s why so many patients think that if they’re going to have surgery, they may as well get the procedures that will truly give them the results they want, hopefully in one surgery. This may take the form of combining a breast augmentation with a breast lift or a face lift with eyelid surgery, but for those who want to enhance the balance and aesthetics of their facial features, the ideal combination is often rhinoplasty with chin reshaping.

How Chin Surgery and Rhinoplasty Work TogetherMost people already know that rhinoplasty, or nose surgery, is a popular cosmetic procedure used to improve the appearance of a nose that is crooked, undesirably shaped, or disproportionately large or small for a person’s face. However, fewer people are aware that chin surgery can also provide an exceptional cosmetic improvement. Depending on the patient’s needs, this surgery can either insert a chin implant (to create a stronger, more distinct chin) or reduce and reshape the existing chin structure.

The reason nose surgery and chin surgery can complement each other so well is simple: because both of these features have a strong effect on facial balance. The exact same nose can look vastly different on a face with a stronger chin than a weaker chin, and vice versa. As a double board-certified plastic surgeon, I have found that because the goal of any cosmetic surgery is to make a patient look like a more attractive version of themselves (not to make them look like someone else entirely), the key to getting successful results is to perform a surgery while keeping the patient’s overall appearance in mind.

While the combination of rhinoplasty and chin reshaping can be highly successful for patients who have one surgery years before they have the other, there is actually much to be gained by having both procedures performed during the same surgery. First, it allows me to shape both features at the same time so that they complement each other and work together to create an ideal balance and symmetry between your facial features. By the same reasoning chin surgery can be added to facial rejuvenation surgery ( face lift) to achieve improved overall facial balance. Second, by having both rhinoplasty and chin surgery at the same time, you can recover from both of them at the same time, which ultimately means you’ll spend about half as much time away from work and other daily activities than you would if you had each procedure separately.

Combining chin surgery and rhinoplasty has allowed patients throughout the country to feel confident in their appearance without the need for a long series of procedures. However, there is one caveat to keep in mind: this option is only advantageous for patients who actually do need both chin surgery and nose reshaping to achieve the best possible results. If you already have a perfectly proportioned chin and simply need to adjust the shape of your nose, adding chin augmentation or chin reduction will not offer any other advantages. To discuss what your best option might be, schedule a consultation with me, Dr. Franklyn Elliott. Or, for more helpful plastic surgery tips and health news, follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.