Are Neck Lifts the Secret to Anti-Aging?

Despite diligent diet and exercise efforts, excess fat and skin around the neck remains a common visible factor of aging. Your facial area is often the first thing people notice and analyze about you, exposing your delicate skin’s reflection of environmental factors including sun damage, smoking, and weight change that may have led to wrinkles, lines, and saggy skin. As a board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon for over two decades, I see many patients who are concerned about the effects of aging on their faces, but would like to appear more youthful without drastic change.

neck liposuction in atlanta gaA common procedure that can rejuvenate your facial appearance is neck lift. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery’s 2013 statistics, neck lifts continue to grow in popularity over the years, with 27,898 performed last year. Neck lifts utilize specialized techniques of liposuction, last year’s most popular procedure, which increased 16% in popularity over 2012 and even exceeded the number of breast augmentations performed in that time period.

Just as I perform short scar facelift on its own, I also commonly implement short scar neck lifts in conjunction with facelifts by pulling the skin up rather than back for a refreshed appearance. Short scar methods are used for patients with only a minimal amount of extra skin. Short scar neck lifts address the cheek and the neck, but may actually be used on the upper, mid or lower region of the face when required. When this method is used, you can expect shorter, more disguisable scars and a more natural look. Neck lifts can ease any negative feelings you may have about growing older regarding sagging skin by carefully eliminating excess skin of the neck and throat, commonly known as a turkey waddle or double chin.

During a consultation, I will discuss with you which facial rejuvenation procedures would provide optimal results to address your individual questions and concerns.  To schedule a consultation, please contact our office. Be sure to connect with me, Dr. Franklyn Elliott, on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ for the latest cosmetic and reconstructive surgery news and information.