Avoiding Over Correction during a Facelift

Facelift surgery can greatly minimize the overall signs of aging on the face and neck. However, over operating, especially on the face, can leave a patient with a stretched and unnatural appearance. As a board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Franklyn Elliott has performed over 300 facelifts and uses the most advanced techniques to provide his patients with subtle, natural-looking results.

Facelift surgery also referred to as rhytidectomy, is a surgical procedure that lifts sagging skin, smoothes deep creases, and may remove excess fatty deposits with liposuction that can cause the appearance of a double chin.facelift in atlanta ga

Dedicated to producing delicate and effective results for all of his patients’ procedures, Dr. Elliott uses knotless suture devices including Quill™ and Ethicon™ Stratafix to eliminate the need for traditional knot tying while reducing tissue trauma, assisting in healing and minimizing scarring. Dr. Elliott also uses a distinctive technique for his facelift patients where they do not have to wear dressings after surgery.  This short scar procedure allows patients a rapid recovery.

For patients with volume loss in the face, Dr. Elliott may use fat injections as part of his facelift technique, being sure not to over inject particular areas such as the area near the lower lid as once new fat is injected, it is difficult to remove.  Dr. Elliott understands that adding too much fat can result in less natural results.

If you are interested in facelift surgery, please call our office to schedule a consultation. Be sure to view Dr. Elliott’s before and after galleries to see the other cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries he performs. Connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, and Google + for the latest plastic surgery news and information.