PEAK Plasma Blade for Breast Reconstruction

With a passion for breast reconstruction, Dr. Elliott is committed to providing his patients with safe and effective care before, during, and after surgery. To help do so, Dr. Franklyn Elliott stays abreast the latest technologies and most advanced techniques available for both cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.


Breast reconstruction surgery is an intricate procedure that is unique for each individual. As Dr. Elliott has previously mentioned in his blogs, there are many options for breast reconstruction depending on the patient’s needs.  Despite whether the patient undergoes TRAM flap surgery or direct to implant reconstruction, Dr. Elliott has found the PEAK surgery system helpful in reducing surgical complications.

The PEAK plasma blade is an electrosurgical device that uses a low heat energy system. Plasma is an electrically conductive cloud or gas that is created when radiofrequency energy contacts tissue.  Plasma allows the energy to cross at lower energy levels, leading to lower operating temperatures and less thermal damage. This FDA-cleared surgical device has the advantage of providing exact control of a scalpel and bleeding control of traditional surgical techniques with less damage and quicker wound healing. Another benefit of using the plasma blade during breast reconstruction is the reduced risk of blood vessels constricting so normal circulation can be maintained in the transplanted tissue.

During a consultation, Dr. Elliott thoroughly discusses a patient’s options and the available techniques to determine what will provide optimal results for their breast reconstruction surgery.  Please contact our office for additional information about breast reconstruction or any other procedure questions you may have. Be sure to connect with Dr. Elliott on Facebook, Twitter, and Google + for the latest cosmetic and reconstructive news and information.