Breast Reconstruction: the TRAM Flap and the Pedicled TRAM

Cosmetic surgeries like rhinoplasty, liposuction, and breast augmentation can actually be an exciting (though still nerve-wracking) experience for patients, because they’ve typically been dreaming about the results for years. Breast reconstruction patients, on the other hand, often say that they never would have imagined themselves needing a mastectomy and reconstructive surgery. Seemingly out of nowhere, they’re bombarded with decisions and questions about both their breast cancer care and their breast reconstruction. To help you feel a little less overwhelmed, I have created a variety of informative videos about breast reconstruction. The video below discusses one type of reconstructive option known as the TRAM flap—which recreates the breast using your own natural tissue—and its earliest version, called the pedicled TRAM flap.

Cosmetic surgeries and reconstructive surgeries certainly have their differences, but as a double board-certified plastic surgeon, my ultimate goal is the same: to make the physical changes necessary to help each patient truly feel more confident in the way they look. If you’re planning a breast reconstruction or another type of plastic and reconstructive surgery, schedule a consultation with me, Dr. Franklyn Elliott, to discuss your options. Plus, for more helpful cosmetic surgery information, follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.