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Quill™ Knotless Tissue Closure Device

Sutures are probably the last thing on a patient’s mind when pursuing plastic surgery, but the type of suturing and its placement is very important in the healing process. The sutures must fully close the incision, placing equal tension across the incision.  Most people are familiar with traditional sutures, but Dr. Franklyn Elliott has adopted a new type of suture: Quill™ Knotless Tissue Closure Device.

This plastic surgery technology is designed with tissue retainers that look like little barb wires. The tissue retainers (barbs) are placed around the suturing material in opposing directions.  To use Quill™, Dr. Elliott places one end of the device into the tissue until the retainers are engaged and the retainers penetrate the tissue and lock into place. Plastic surgeons who have used Quill™ love how efficient it is.  Cutting down the time of closing an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) incision from 11-15 minutes with traditional sutures to 3-4 minutes with the Quill™ device.  However, Dr. Elliott uses this device because of its safety and has noticed an improvement in the quality of the closure when using Quill™.

Not only does it eliminate the need for traditional knot tying, but two surgeons can work to close one wound at once. Research shows that this device may help reduce tissue trauma, assist in healing, and minimize scarring. Quill™ significantly reduces the number of sutures that are typically needed to securely close deep incisions required during plastic surgery procedures.

If you are considering a plastic surgery procedure with Dr. Elliott, be sure to ask about the Quill™ Knotless Tissue Closure Device to learn more.


PEAK Plasma Blade for Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction surgery is a detailed procedure that is unique for each patient.  The PEAK plasma blade is an advanced energy system used during breast reconstruction surgery to reduce surgical complications. This electrosurgical device uses a low heat energy system to create incisions, allowing lower operating temperatures and less thermal damage. Patients benefit from this FDA-cleared surgical device as it provides precise control of the scalpel, less damage to surrounding tissues and quicker wound healing compared to traditional surgical techniques. Using the plasma blade during breast reconstruction surgery also reduces the risk of blood vessels constricting so normal circulation can be maintained in tissue when harvested to re-create breast(s).


Laser Skin Resurfacing Technology

Dr. Elliott is now offering the latest laser skin resurfacing technology to address a variety of skin conditions including signs of aging, acne scarring and skin imperfections of the face and neck. The laser removes dead, damaged skin cells while promoting growth of new, healthy skin cells for complete facial rejuvenation. This technology is also beneficial for patients looking to reduce surgical scars after cosmetic or reconstructive surgery.

Patients will see results after one treatment, but may require additional treatments for optimal results. Dr. Elliott can discuss realistic results for your unique needs during an in-person consultation.


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